Glazed and decorated ceramic wall tiles
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Tile coverings

Glazed and decorated tiles

Glazed and decorated tiles

Glazed or decorated tile covering

In Portugal, adherent ceramic tiles are widely used in construction, playing an important role in the overall performance of buildings, given that they offer high durability, good technical performance and varied aesthetic possibilities.

Ceramic tiles composed of ceramic tiles are one of the most used materials in civil construction and particularly in the lining of interior, exterior and floor walls.

The ceramic tiles can have glazed and surface decoration in a wide variety of dimensions and shapes, where squares and rectangles predominate. The application of several types of glazing gives rise to a wide variety of colors and light reflection, allowing the obtaining of pieces with a wide variety of textures.

The tiles can be: not decorated and without surface treatments, or with surface treatment in terms of textures, colors and graphics. These tiles are decorative ceramics intended for aesthetic purposes, in order to create sets with the base pieces of the coverings.